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Identifying Mold Growth for Mold Removal

Mold Inspection: An overview

Mold inspection is one necessary practice that each and every household need to carry out on a regular basis. Mold inspection use visual assessment of the area to determine the severity of the damage and mold contamination. If you really care about the health and wellness of your family, it is necessary to carry out one of these inspections at regular intervals. This is indeed a clever investment as nothing is more important than your whole family’s health. A mold inspection is a complicated visual inspection of your home to look for mold. This is usually done by a mold inspector. When you have a mold inspection, all areas of your home will be examined by the mold inspector using different tools and the resulting inspection report may include the ff:

  • Photographs of infected areas
  • A written plan of action or suggested course of action
  • A diagnosis of the source of the mold
  • Laboratory test results of samples taken and analyzed

Is it true there is "FREE MOLD INSPECTION"?

No, Most of Mold Inspection Companies give outrageous offers like “free” mold inspections to their ads so that they can attract more customers. Remember that these companies are here to do business, in this life “FREE” always comes with a price tag! Here are a few fraudulent mold scams for you to watch out:

  • Always keep in mind that there is no such thing as free when it comes to mold inspections unless it refers to free estimates. To be a qualified mold inspector and be capable of executing inspections and provide mold testing, one should undergo a very intensive training which almost always not a walk in the park. If you come to think of it, why would someone who is running a legitimate business would do all that work and spend money and time just to offer “free” services? So when the next time you see an advertisement that offers free mold inspection, it’s pretty much too good to be true. Most of the time, this offers are being made by contractors who performs mold removal services. Some of them assume themselves to be mold inspectors so they may use mold inspections as a way of making money.

  • Only three states in the US actually requires a mold inspector to acquire a license. These three states are Texas, Florida, and New Jersey. So if you do live in those three states, there is no such thing as a licensed mold inspector. You won’t find any other state in the US that asks mold inspectors to have a license. Most of the time, certifications are the ones required to mold inspectors and mold remediators. As a matter of fact, there are really no official state or federal certifications issued to anyone who runs a mold inspection company. However, there are various private companies that offer schoolroom education and will provide a “certificate of completion”. It is important to take note that these certificates are not legally linked to any official government certification standard.

What are Molds?

Molds are organisms not always visible to the naked eye that basically live on plant or animal matter. They are one of the reasons among the destruction of dead materials and recycle nutrients in the ecosystem. Virtually, molds are present everywhere. Using the microscope, they may be found growing on organic materials like food, soil, and plants. The molds reproduce by producing spores which are being spread through air and water by the insects. In the right condition, these spores may be like seeds and form new mold growth. There are 3 common types of mold, these are the following:

  • Black mold – one characteristic of a mold is that it comes in many colors. Some are blue green, others are just plain green, and you may even see a red or brown mold. But the most alarming mold infestation to have in your home is the black mold. Although it is not automatically toxic, it may cause serious neurological disorders, lung and respiratory problems, and irritable bowel syndromes, when it is actually toxic. Even if the black mold in your home is non-toxic, not treating it may lead to the growth of new and possibly toxic spores.

  • House Mold - House mold sounds like a sympathetic problem that every household should expect. In fact, almost every home may have mold in it and new bathroom and shower cleansers are constantly created to fight these seemingly worldly problem. Unfortunately, there is no rational way for the home owner himself/herself to know whether a house mold is safe or dangerous. What they can do is hire and expert and to the sampling for them.
  • Toxic Mold - this type of mold may be fatal and may cause illness to an individual. Exposure from it means automatic health problems especially to those people who are more susceptible to have health conditions.



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