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A Brief Guide To Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Repair And Restoration: An Overview

Water damage repair and restoration is a process of restoring the good condition of a thing that was damaged by water. These damages caused by water leaks of ceilings, insulation, carpets, walls and cushion.

Water damage is a dangerous damage that can lead to health problems when unattended. Water damage can affect numerous areas of your homes and also your things like the following:

  • Computers
  • Telephones
  • Fax machines
  • Medical equipment
  • Copiers
  • Processing equipment
  • Sound equipment

Importance Of Water Damage Repair And Remediation

Consulting a specialist and having your things and area done that is water damaged is a must. It is a must due to some reasons. First, it restores the beauty of your homes and things. This is because, water damage can cause wood rot and destroy the wooden fixtures in our homes. It can also cause staining of your carpets or couches. Second, if your area is clean, sterilized and free from water damage, your area is safe for your family. Water damage causes insect infestation. Living with these insects is very unhealthy. These insects carry with them millions of bacteria that we do not see. Lastly, it can reduce if not eliminate growth of molds. Molds are also dangerous to one’s health and gives sickness. Some examples of the ailments are higher respiratory tract infections and allergic reactions among others. You should repair and restore water damaged objects or areas of your homes immediately. Repair and restoration is a must when it comes to water damage once you discover its occurrences in your homes. You have to bear in mind that the longer the water sit still, the worse the damage becomes and the greater the problem will be.

Causes Of Water Damage

There are many processes that water can do damage in our homes. Knowing the cause of the damage is important for us to determine where to strike and be on the right track of eliminating water damage. No matter how strong is the foundation of your home or how sturdy it is, built water damage happens. When water damage occurs, it should be checked and repaired right away. What we should fear with water damage is that it might be bearing with it a very unpleasant and expensive surprise. So we should act on it the quickest way we can. Knowing the reasons and how water damage is formed is good point of start in getting rid of water damage.

There are two kinds of water damage causes that we should act upon. One is the obvious water damage causes while the other one are the hidden water damage causes.

The obvious water damage reasons are those that we can easily determine or predict to have an outcome of water damage. Some of the obvious reasons of water damage are leaking roofs, cracks on walls, holes on windows, foundation or floor cracks, and obvious plumbing problems.

Hidden causes of water damage are the reasons of water damage that we hardly detect to be the cause of such damage. They are the ones that we should be aware of. Oftentimes water damage cause by these hidden reasons is discovered too late. Below paragraph will give us a hint of the hard places that cause water damage.

Pipes and weep holes are the hardest to detect for water damage. Failures of joints and attachments of pipes are the hardest to discover. At times they are discovered too late already unless of course you do thorough checking on your pipelines. Weep holes are holes on the retaining wall or the exterior masonry. The role of the weep hole is to allow moisture to leave out of the house. This becomes a reason for water damage as allows moisture to move outside the house and evaporate. There would be times that the moisture would be frozen making it hard to escape the interiors of the wall. Instead, the moisture goes back to the wall and travel down to its interiors.

The attic and the basement are the parts of a house that accumulates and produces much of the water damage. Air leakage in the attic will carry moisture into the attic that will form water on the underside of the roof. This will lead to the rotting and mold infestation of the area. Opening in the attic can also lead to the formation of ice dams.

During the cold and rainy season, groundwater or the rainwater can be collected. The foundation wall or under the floor is often the place where they are collected. When water is already collected on these areas, they are often left this way. The worst effect that this water collection can give is the growth of unwanted gross organisms.

The roof needs constant checking and repair. Repairing and constant maintenance of the roof is a must. The roof is highly accessible and greatly affected by the changes of weather. Due to this, it easily wears out and worse it falls off. Roof is the first place to make leaks. There are areas of the roof that creates leak the most. The chimney, joints, plumbing vents are the common parts of the roof that creates leaks. The gutter does create leaks too. Gutter is the part of the roof that is placed along the eaves of the roof to catch water from the roof. If gutters are clogged or are overflowed it can cause water damage to other parts of your home.

There are numerous appliances that cause water damage. One of this is the heater and air conditioner. Heater and air conditioners require regular maintenance and cleaning. This is needed as drain pans of these appliances are prone to getting clogged and the cooling coil can freeze. The result of clogging and freezing of the parts of these appliances will result to water leaks and it will also cause your units to malfunction. The worst consequence this appliance can get into and affect you is the formation of molds and unwanted biological growth. This can be very hazardous to health especially that these appliances work with air circulation.

Types Of Water Damage

Types of water damage determine the intensity of damage water that has contributed into your homes. Knowing the depth of the damaged caused by water allows you to estimate the help and actions you need in restoring your home.

  1. CLASS 1 – It is when only a small part of your house is affected.

  2. CLASS 2 – It is when a large area or space is affected with water damage. It can also affect the entire or whole space in your homes.

  3. CLASS 3 – Huge scale water damage on homes. In this class, it usually involves flooding and damage on ceilings, carpets, walls and also in cushions.

  4. CLASS 4 – It involves other materials that are damaged by water.



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